Design for Change: A Guide To Sustainable Graphic Design

How to save the world with sustainable design
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Being a graphic designer, I can play a crucial role in this and hope that the other designers realize their power to do the same too.

A beginner’s guide to sustainable graphic design

Designers have an ethical and social responsibility to minimize the adverse effects their work has on the deteriorating environmental condition of the planet. Graphic design may seem to not have a direct impact on the environment but in the long run, we do contribute in worsening the condition.

We are the link between the companies and the customers. We have the power of influence over the way the audience thinks.

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This makes us eminently responsible for generating awareness. This engages the client by creating value for them. Designers are responsible to help them BE greener rather than just show.

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When asked about the negative impact that printing has on the environment, one of the most common answers you will hear is that it leads to deforestation. It is the process of producing paper from wood that harms the ecological balance the most. Printing inks and toner are the second largest uses of carbon black, which is primarily manufactured by the incomplete combustion of oil.

Even the manufacture of soy-based inks typically involves the extensive use of diesel fuel, petroleum-based pesticides and herbicides. There needs to be a careful consideration of the choice of paper, ink and printer. Using recycled paper and soy-based inks will definitely reduce the adverse impacts of printing. How it is being printed, distributed, used and recovered needs to be considered by the designer to make better choices along the design process. As a designer, one should be aware of all the possible alternatives to offer the client the best possible solutions and guide them to use green methods.

One of the common myths that prevails when it comes to opting sustainable modes of communication is to switch to digital media instead of print. Way too much energy is required for our screens to light up and the data-centers to transfer information. Designers need to be well aware of that fact and should consider all these factors before deciding their mode of communication.

The companies that invest in sustainable development are gaining competitive advantage as they add value by positioning themselves uniquely. Failing to do so brands them as socially irresponsible.

Can Design Change The World? (Motion Graphic for Sustainable Campaign)

Pioneers that are leading the market are reaping the rewards and positioning themselves for sustained success that benefits their customers and communities. Sustainable development promotes system design which compels a thorough speculation of the entire process.

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This helps to identify constraints and create more opportunities for growth, reduces risks and saves costs as well. When a firm adapts sustainability as its strategic principle, it witnesses growth in sales, market shares and the value of the brand. This in turn increases the customer loyalty. Sustainability is moving to the mainstream in both developing and the developed countries.

Another multinational company that reiterates the benefits of sustainability by its actions is Unilever. General Motors also followed a similar path. Are they just claiming to be green without reliable evidence? Some are truly concerned and wish to make a change whereas some might claim so to look good or hide the harmful effects their products actually have. Companies sometimes make one slight change that is green and claim to be green entirely which is completely misleading.

Most of the times this happens due to inadequate knowledge. Designers can play a crucial role in informing the clients and introducing them to the right methods to be green. The companies ought to be accountable for the claims they make and we as designers can help them make the ends meet. If you - together with the other design professions - decide to examine the materials and processes endemic to your work, as well as demand that these materials and processes become environmentally safe, you will be the heroes of the 21st century.

How to save the world with sustainable design | Creative Bloq

Szenasy, the editor in chief of Metropolis. The most important decisions take place at the planning stage itself. One of the examples of helpful resources that are available online for use by designers is the Re-nourish project calculator. For years there have been debates about truth in advertising and whether or not images that have been digitally altered should be labeled as such.

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Logorama from Marc Altshuler on Vimeo. The award-winning animated short, Logorama , does a wonderful job of showing how pervasive branding is in our lives in a clever and satirical parody. Posted on Jul 10, in cultural influence , education , professionalism 0 comments. Posted on Jun 3, in creativity , cultural influence , Human Centered Design 0 comments.

Green your design practice

Table of Contents Preface Why Sustainable Graphic Design? How Design for â& #x20AC;&#x;the Afterâ€? A Whole Approach to Design. Paper. A collection of resources in "green" and sustainable graphic design to help you graphic designers in-the-know about how to continue making changes for a.

By Guest Author, Frank J. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools such as machine learning and predictive analytics will eventually become a part of the design process, it is inevitable. At first, AI will find its way into the decision-making process forming the design brief, because decision makers always seek a competitive advantage and a principal risk reduction strategy in business processes is the reduction of uncertainty.

These decision makers will falsely believe that AI will grant a competitive advantage, a short cut to consumer acceptance and profit without investing research and testing. Why focus group or explore alternative designs, when the marketplace has spoken?

Posted on May 21, in cultural influence 0 comments. Image by Christopher Chappelear licensed under CC 4. Back in the day when I was first out of school and looking for a job, an entry level graphic designer could usually find work if they could put together pamphlets, flyers, direct mail packages, and other sales and marketing materials.

Sustainable. Graphic Design?

Posted on Apr 13, in education , social responsibility 0 comments. Graphic designer and educator Ramon Tejada is sick and tired of the graphic design history narrative that has been traditionally taught design schools. Posted on Mar 6, in social responsibility 0 comments. Marie Curie was one of the greatest scientists to ever live. Unfortunately, often the name recognition of successful women in science ends there. Posted on Feb 13, in branding 0 comments. Isotype International System of Typographic Picture Education and its founders, Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz, were among the first to create the pictograms we see all around us.

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