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‘The Good Place’ is a Very Funny Take on Morality in the Age of the Internet
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Coghlan also wrote plays, well-known in his time, such as Lady Barter , in which his sister, actress Rose Coghlan had great success. He became involved in scandal: according to one account, he got drunk in Paris in October and married a sculptress, Kuehue Beveridge. He was arrested for bigamy, since he had a wife and daughter actress Gertrude Coghlan, c.

Nevertheless, Beveridge sued for divorce, and he lost much of his money and reputation. He died while on tour, in Galveston, Texas.

Ellen Terry, in her autobiography My Story , says of him: "Charles Coghlan seems to have been consistently unlucky. Yet he was a good actor and a brilliant man. I always enjoyed his companionship; found him a pleasant, natural fellow, absorbed in his work, and not at all the 'dangerous' man that some people represented him" The conjunction of Galveston, Coghlan's place of death and burial, the great Galveston hurricane of , and the fact that the Coghlans had a summer home on Prince Edward Island, gave rise to a persistent legend that Coghlan's coffin had been washed out to sea in the flood, and had floated north to the shores of Prince Edward Island in Charles Coghlan Charles Coghlan.

Rose Coghlan : Rose Coghlan was born in England and began acting when she was still a child.

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Actor-manager E. Sothern brought her to America in ; she returned to England for four years, creating the role of Lady Mandan in All For Her , playing it for nights at the St. James Theatre. Her range extended into comedy also—she was considered one of the best Lady Teazles of her time, and a successful Rosalind. Critic Frederic E.

McKay called her "Rose Coghlan, the wide-eyed, velvet-voiced, caressing, fascinating, divinely smiling. Sullivan, who was her leading man, in ; they divorced in Jocelyn and Madonna were written for her by her brother, actor Charles Coghlan. Rose Coghlan became an American citizen in She appeared in three silent films before her retirement. Martha Morton : Martha Morton , one of the first successful American woman playwrights, was born and educated in New York city.

In the early s her plays were produced by William H. Crane and his company. Morton married Hermann Conheim of New York in William H. Crane created the role of the down-to-earth Yankee hat manufacturer who rescues his brother and sisters from the entanglements created by their desire to live the fashionable life. Cather described the plot in detail in her April 1, column. Crane : William H.

Crane was one of the best known comic actors of his day. He partnered with Stuart Robson from , then took off on an independent career.

Adriana Riviere-Badell

Popular as he was in the s, his greatest success was yet to come, in the title role in David Harum , a role he recreated in the silent film He appeared in other silent films, notably as Buster Keaton's father in Keaton's first starring role, The Saphead Crane is another veteran of the stage who holds the regard of the public.

It knows him as the kind of man we should like to invite up to our house to meet the 'folks'" Century , December Critic Lewis C. Strang, who also compared Crane with Jefferson, said "He is a character comedian, whose one character is himself. His is a whole-souled, frank, and genial personality. Crane wrote a volume of reminiscences, Footprints and Echoes Hoyt satirized state militias for their love of fancy uniforms, and questionable courage since a white flag is a flag of surrender.

Edison made several early kinetoscope films of parts of Hoyt's popular play in the months after its New York opening. In the play, the hero changes place with his valet, Spinks, to enter the service of a dashing widow, Gloriana Lovering whom he admires, and to avoid an engagement to the daughter of a vulgar tanner, who turns out to be Gloriana's landlord. Her Cockney maid, Kitty, had once been deserted by Spinks, and Gloriana herself is engaged to a Russian count.

Waking ourselves for the benefit of all.

The New York Times reviewer said "the salacious French original is clearly seen through the flimsy work of the adaptor. The dialog is not tedious, but it is not witty" February 16, Cather wrote two reviews of this play: 10 January and 9 October Welles, Joseph Allen, E. Cather reviewed a touring company of Gloriana on 10 January Spinks : Spinks is the valet who changes places with his master in James Mortimer's Gloriana Warde : Frederick Barkham Warde was born in England; he made his stage debut in Playwright Dion Boucicault encouraged him to go to America, where he joined Edwin Booth's company in The tours were not always successful; in he filed for bankruptcy.

However, he went on a lecture tour, then toured with his own company in , and again, unsuccessfully, in In he starred in one of the first American feature length films, and the first complete film version of a Shakespeare play, Richard III. He played in ten other films between and Warde's memoirs, Fifty Years of Make Believe , were published in Carleton : Henry Guy Carleton was one of the relatively few American writers of original plays, rather than adaptations of foreign ones.

The Haunting of Hill House

It was about a mother duck and a father swan with three baby ducklings who were bitten to death by the father because they quacked too much. They first had to carefully weigh all the difficulties and risks, though Miep was ready to set off immediately with me in tow. You've got it made here, sport. One way of doing this is asking questions. Also that the ayah, who had a mother's love and care for me, paid very little attention to my being tidy in person or dress, except when I was exhibited to "company. To ensure the safety of all, rest hours must be strictly observed!!!

His Victor Durand had appeared in , and he had some solid successes in the s, including A Gilded Fool , written for Nat Goodwin and made into a silent film in , and Butterflies ; That Imprudent Young Couple , however, ran for only two weeks. Henry Guy Carleton married actress Effie Shannon in ; they were divorced in ; in he married actress Olive May, whose family lived in Beatrice, Nebraska, in the s.

Cather devoted much of a 4 August column to discussing Carleton and his integrity as a playwright. Charles Frohman : Charles Frohman became the most important theatrical manager of his time; he was one of the founders of the Theatrical Syndicate which for a time controlled U. His first big success was with Bronson Howard's Shenandaoh in He developed the star system when he engaged John Drew in for his Empire Stock Company, and later managed many other of the top stars; he encouraged many playwrights such as Clyde Fitch and David Belasco.

Frohman died in the sinking of the Lusitania in Charles Frohman. The play, set in the s, concerns Mr. Brabazon Miller , who opposes his adopted son's desire to marry Rosamund Allen , a singer. Brabazon had been forcibly separated from the woman he loved in his youth; at the denouement he finds that Rosamund is his daughter by his lost love, and permits the two to marry.

Grundy's play was made into a movie in The title is based on Hosea 8. His chance came in , when he was given a play to revise; he wrote prolifically thereafter, although in the s his work was mostly in collaboration or as adaptations; he also wrote librettos for Sousa's El Capitan and De Koven's The Red Feather After the turn of the century he tended more towards problem plays; his most successful play, running for nearly six hundred performances, was The Lion and the Mouse , based on Ida Tarbell's account of the life and methods of John D.

Klein had booked passage on the Titanic in , but business delayed him so that he missed sailing; however, he was on board the Lusitania when it was torpedoed in , and lost his life. He married actress Minnie Maddern in , and supported her career by managing and producing as well as writing plays for her and building a theater for her company, a venture that was not a success. The play was made into a silent movie in Robert Ingersoll : Robert G. Ingersoll was sometimes known as "the great agnostic. He served as the colonel of a regiment of volunteer cavalry in the Civil War, until taken prisoner by the Confederates.

Eileen Farrell and Eleanor Parker - Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix - Saint-Saëns

Blaine for the Presidency, in which he invested that brilliant statesman with the title 'Plumed Knight,' a sobriquet that remained with him to the end of his career. His great speech at the 'Grant Banquet,' his thrilling epic 'A Vision of War,' or 'The Past Rises Before me Like a Dream,' delivered at a soldiers' reunion in Indianapolis; his wonderful 'Decoration Day Oration,' in New York, his tribute to his brother Ebon, his matchless memorial to his friend and associate, Roscoe Conkling, and the laureate crown he laid on the tomb of his friend and leader, the martyred Lincoln, together with many other eulogies of the noble dead that sprang from his generous and passionately patriotic heart, are to-day the treasured possessions of his countrymen.

His lips dropped polished pearls that will adorn and enrich the language of his day and of all time" I. Newton Baker, Robert G. Ingersoll—An Intimate View , ch.

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McLellen : George B. He graduated from Princeton in , and became a reporter in New York City. There he affiliated himself with Tammany Hall, and from served in various city offices, including the board of aldermen. He was elected to Congress as a Democrat in , serving until when he was elected mayor of New York, serving until He broke with Tammany over matters of patronage, effectively ending his political career.

From until his retirement McClellan taught at Princeton, where he was an authority on Venetian history. His autobiography, The Gentleman and the Tiger , edited by H. Syrett, was published in Pauline Hall : Singer, dancer, and actress Pauline Hall was born Pauline Schmidgall in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she made her stage debut in as a ballet dancer.

She played in Mary Anderson's company for a time before joining Edward Rice's company. She created the role of Erminie in the performance run at the Casino Theatre in New York in ; later c. She married and divorced both Edward White and George B.