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Why You Should Never Talk to Bilingual Spanish Speakers
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They were the perfect place to have our summer essentials covered. Post a comment 1. Posted by Karim Jones at PM.

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Labels: kids fashion. We don't eat sand pies. Thursday, July 16, I overheard S having the following conversation earlier today Little Girl: Look! I made some sand pies! Do you want one? S: Um.

No, thank you. I say "beach" though really, it's a smallish area of sand on a man-made lake in our neighborhood. The kids didn't turn their noses up one bit at it, and they didn't even seem to mind that the sand was definitely not as soft as the sand we're used to. As for this guy? Well, I had to stop him from pelting the poor ducks with sand.

And yes, yes I know. Those sandal tan lines. Pato had those tan lines before the summer even started. As in Oh, I hope he won't hate me when he's a too-cool teenager with Saltwater tan lines from his toddler days. Later in the day, we were all cuddling on the couch, and Pato turned to me and said, "Mama, thanks for taking us to da beach.

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Dat was fun. I really needed to hear that. With the couple of off days we just had, it felt so good to have a GOOD day.

To not go to bed thinking, "I just need this day to be over. I'd say this day was just what I needed to re-charge. Another good thing?

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I wore those two out so much, that come bedtime, they went down without a fight. That's what beaches are for, right? Wearing kids out? Posted by Karim Jones at AM. It's okay. Tuesday, July 14, When it comes to social situations, the language you use is not always up to you.

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If you spend most of your social time with a bunch of English speakers, you are going to speak English. It would be rude and awkward to continue to communicate only in Spanish with your partner unless that is the only language they speak. If you spend more time with other Spanish speakers, it will really help your Spanish skills because you will be forced to try to understand everyone while they speak quickly or even at the same time.

If you are considering taking a Latin lover just for the sake of learning a language, I would not recommend it.

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However, if you happen to find someone who you actually want to date, go for it and remember to be adamant about practicing your Spanish and not taking the easy way out with English. If it is the right partner he or she will also want to help you to learn Spanish.

Check out these other articles to help you Learn Spanish. Featured photo credit: Kiss by DavidMartynHunt via flickr.

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Spanish translation of 'snort'

Take a Look. Restively eager or desirous; anxious: impatient to begin. Adjective comparative more impatient, superlative most impatient restless and intolerant of delays anxious and eager , especially to begin something Prompted by, or exhibiting, impatience. Origin From Old French impacient modern: impatient , from Latin impatiens. English Wiktionary.

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