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They got married on the 14 June and had three daughters, Olga, Vera and Hilda. Over the years in London Simeon had been active in Russian migr circles, and after the Russian revolution in he shortly occupied the residence of Russia as its representative. Waiting for his chance to return to Russia he was recalled to the USSR in on business from which he returned to London. In he again left London for Moscow, after which he was never to return.

Only in he met Olga who had come to Leningrad, but he would never meet Dora, Vera and Hilda again. Dora Schwartz born Ruditzky. Copy of vaccination certificate Impfschein for Dora Ruditzky, born 1 July , for her first vaccination at the age of 1 year, issued in the Prussian city of Knigsberg, 3 Juli ; copy of the Abstract of marriage vows between Simeon Schwartz and Dora Ruditzky, on the 14 June in London Hebrew with English translation ; Certificate of Naturalization granted for the Union of South Africa, dated 25 March 1f generally poor copies.

After Simeon left London in , he worked in Moscow and remained unsuccessful to be employed outside Russia. From he was employed in Kamchatka, in Petropavlovsk and Vladivostock by a newly formed state company seeking to exploit resources in the most remote areas. Back in Moscow in he joined "Intourist", a state travel organisation. Simeon died in of typhoid whilst travelling to Tbilisi. References and questionnaires by various Soviet state departments, which have been completed by Simeon for his transfer to Moscow, and for his employment by the Soviet owned company "Intourist" in , mostly in Russian.

Letter by the Directorate of Internal Affairs, Moscow, requesting to issue a diplomatic passport to S. Schwartz, 24 May Record of service in Soviet Foreign Affairs department, about his employment in London, dated 31 May Cover page of Release form from duties, case no.

Personal questionnaire for the Foreign Trade Department, joining the state company "Intourist", dated 29 November Certificate issued by the company "Intourist". Stating Simeon's employment and circumstances of death in Issued on the 4 November at the request of Olga during her time in Moscow, obtained from records of "Intourist", Russian with English translation. Documentation in relation to Toni Strasburg's search for information about her grandfather.

Including amongst others: letters addressed to Soviet state departments, asking for permission to conduct research at the archive of the Soviet State security KGB letter written in Russian ; fax by Alexei Ananiev, who had arranged for Toni's research trip to Moscow in , and also acted as interpreter during her visit; notes and contacts 1f fax copies of poor quality. Envelopes, undated or unclear postal stamp. Travel notes from , followed by diary entries and travel notes dating , containing individual pages and notebooks with regular handwritten and typed entries.

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Mothers, November Correspondence with Raduga Publishers for the Russian edition; softcover book of the Russian edition. That first Friday back we held our Library Operations meeting, and we shared our stories, and that was hard but good. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's Terms of Service. Once you've created the form, you don't need to do anything extra to store respondents' answers in Google Forms. But the bigger problem is a system that gets in its own way, like libraries that lock book drops during the day to force users to enter the libraries to return books. Fresh group of vegetables photobeps 3.

Sweden, 24 April, Prague, 1 June, Moscow, 19 August, Scarborough, 23 September, Scotland, 23 January, Budapest, 17 March, Geneva, 12 June, Budva, 7 August, Delhi, 10 November From onwards, entries were initially written into notebooks B1. Thereafter, from B1. Notebooks now complement the individual pages for entries during travel.

Hence, from B1. Notebooks can be identified by dates. Journal 2, July - November , pp pages and missing. Journal September - December , pp ; Notebook Valbonne travel, pp Journal January - August , pp pages missing. Journal August - December , pp missing, might be mis-numbered.

Journal January - December , pp page missing. By content the entries must have been from the early s back in South Africa, but the calendar dates do not correspond, written by Hilda.

Blue Notebook entitled "This is my Bible", containing thoughts, poems and quotes. Flyers, calendar of events, pamphlets, programmes, announcements of art exhibitions. General art exhibitions of Hilda's work as well as exhibitions for the Defence and Aid Fund, and in support of various Anti-Apartheid movements; also included exhibition calendars of the Royal Academy of Arts, listing Hilda Bernstein's art, , , 4f.

Exhibitions, File 1. Please note: The exhibition calendars of the Royal Academy of Arts have only been digitised in part, being the actual pages relating to Hilda Bernstein. Exhibitions, File 2. Exhibitions, File 3. Exhibitions, File 4. Other art exhibitions. Mainly overseas newspaper articles relating to the artist Hilda Bernstein's and her artwork. Postcards stored together with photographs of artwork in special archival box, separate from collection. Original drawings for postcards. Postcards printed from Hilda Bernstein's artwork stored together with photographs of artworks in special archival box stored separately from collection.

Invite to Hilda's 70th.

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Fight to free all South African political prisoners! ANC Women's Section. Christmas Card with Bertolt Brecht poem. Free the children in Camden Lock, published by the Hampstead Artists' Council. Regents Park.

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The last of Cato Manor, Durban, issued by the A. Worker, issued by the A. Various cards without name. Contact prints stored in separate archival box with photographic collections. All photographs of Artworks have been numbered, the name of each image is listed were provided. Work Ballet 2. Yellow Brick Road. Mine Dance. Musicians 1. Forest, Etching. Sable antelope, Etching. No title. Cypnus, Dimbaza, Sahel,Etching. Baobab, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein. Buffalo, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein. Fish Eagle, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein.

Hunters, Etching. Photos taken at an exhibition of Hilda's art. Photographs stored together with postcards of artworks in special archival box stored separately from collection. We women, Etching.

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Cypnus, Dimbaza, Sahel, Etching. Landscape of the dispossessed i , Etching. Baobab, Etching.

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Velvet monkey, Etching. Fish Eagle, Etching.

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Impala, Etching. Buffalo, Etching. Rhino, Etching. Flower market, Grasse, Etching. Fruit market, Grasse, Etching. Venice Fish market 1 , Etching. Venice Fish market 2 , Etching.

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February bouquet, Wild flowers, Bouquet, In the Gallery, The barn door, Pick your own, Mothers, November Crested crane. Gemsbok, Etching. Ophidians, Etching. Landscape of the dispossessed ii , Etching.

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Rooftops, Etching. The Island, Etching. Receding tide, Etching. Serengeti, Etching. Bus queue, Camden, Etching. The boys, Etching. Lovers, Everyman Women and landscape, Everyman Gossips, Everyman Olga. No title, Everyman Milner.