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Review and Q+A: The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson
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He says he has a few things for us.

As we drove off, my eyes started to feel heavy by the minute, I was falling asleep. Jacob took a sharp turn, and I opened my eyes widely and grabbed onto his arm.

Jacob laughed loudly, and that showed me what his purpose was. There is no time for sleeping. Once we arrived our destination, Jacob and I got down from the carriage and went into Charles Dickens' store.

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Now tell me, the last time I met you I didn't get your name. It is said that he's a red eyes. He blinded an 18 year old girl. Will you both join the ghost club? Why not. As Jacob and I were looking for clues using our eagle vision, Jacob found a clue before I did. Bloody templars. I look beside me and Jacob was already ready to attack, he air assassinated one of the men which caught the attention of 6 more.

Real Life Is Horror: Harry Price and the ghost club:

I jumped down to help Jacob fight them. I dodged their every move and gutted them. I found his hideout. Jacob whistled for them to get closer to him. I went from behind the men and they spotted Jacob. As the man in the middle turned around, I stabbed him in the throat and I punched the guy on his left, while Jacob was taking care of the guy on the right.

Once we were done with them, smoke surrounded us, it caused Jacob to loose his balance. You alright? It was him, the demonic murderer. He jumped down and came to me first. Women were always his number 1 target. I kicked him in the face and punched him in his gut, I took out my sword and sliced his forearm. Jacob attacked him from the back but he threw Jacob on a pile of wooden boxes. The demonic man took me off guard, he stabbed me in my thigh and flipped me on my back. I shouted from the pain. After a few punches that Jacob gave to the demonic man, he choked Jacob and lifted him off his feet, laughing madly.

I took out my revolver and shot him in the head 3 times. That was it for this mad man. I leaned on Jacob's side and took a sharp breath. His hands left my thighs and went up to me waist. The brothers presented illusions; the Davenports began than a decade after Spiritualism had taken off in America. After stories of the Fox sisters, the Davenports started reporting similar occurrences, their father took up managing his sons and the group was joined by William Fay , a Buffalo resident with an interest in conjuring.

Their shows were introduced by a former " Restoration Movement " minister, Dr. Ferguson , a follower of Spiritualism, who assured the audience that the brothers worked by spirit power rather than deceptive trickery. Ferguson was sincere in his belief that the Davenports possessed spiritual powers; the Davenports' most famous effect was the box illusion.

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The brothers were tied inside a box. Once the box was closed, the instruments would sound. Upon opening the box, the brothers were tied in the positions in which they had started the illusion. Those who witnessed the effect were made to believe supernatural forces had caused the trick to work. The Davenports toured the United States for 10 years and traveled to England where spiritualism was beginning to become popular, their "spirit cabinet" was investigated by the Ghost Club , who were challenging their claim of being able to contact the dead.

The result of the Ghost Club's investigation was never made public. In the team was joined by Harry Kellar. Kellar and Fay would leave the group to pursue their own career as a magician team; the Davenport brothers were exposed as frauds many times. The stage magician John Nevil Maskelyne saw how the Davenports' spirit cabinet illusion worked, stated to the audience in the theatre that he could recreate their act using no supernatural methods.

With the help of a friend, cabinet maker George Alfred Cooke, he built a version of the cabinet. Together, they revealed the Davenport Brothers ' trickery to the public at a show in Cheltenham in June A pair of amateur magicians followed the brothers around Britain, tying the Davenports into their box with a knot that could not be removed and thus exposed the trick to audiences who demanded their money back; the impresario P. Fay settled in Australia and Ira Erastus lived in America until the two reunited in and toured with a show that failed; the magician John Mulholland exposed the tricks of the Davenport brothers: A number of things become less miraculous when it is known at times the Davenports employed as many as ten confederates.

It was a night when a confederate was used that Alexander Herrmann described in an article in the Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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The performance was being given in Ithaca, New York , many Cornell College students were in the audience. They had brought " pyrotechnic balls so made as to ignite with bright light. According to the magician Harry Houdini , Ira had confessed to him that he and his brother had faked their "spirit" phenomena. Houdini in his book A Magician Amongst the Spirits reproduced a letter from Ira claiming "we never in public affirmed our Belief in spiritualism.

In , skeptical investigator Joe Nickell discovered the Davenports' scrapbook from the museum at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly. Nickell examined newspaper clippings, personal photographs from the scrapbook, he concluded that Doyle was correct about Ira endorsing spiritualism in private and Houdini was correct about their public "spirit" phenomena being the result of trickery. According to Nickell "taken as a whole, the evidence of the scrapbook does indicate that Ira Davenport was a practicing spiritualist, or at least pretended to be, although he and his brother used trickery to accomplish the effects they attributed to spirits.

Biography of the Brothers Davenport.

Cambridge Cambridge is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire, England , on the River Cam 50 miles north of London. At the United Kingdom Census , its population was , including 24, students.

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Cambridge became an important trading centre during the Roman and Viking ages, there is archaeological evidence of settlement in the area as early as the Bronze Age ; the first town charters were granted in the 12th century, although modern city status was not conferred until The world-renowned University of Cambridge was founded in ; the buildings of the university include King's College Chapel , Cavendish Laboratory , the Cambridge University Library , one of the largest legal deposit libraries in the world.

The city's skyline is dominated by several college buildings, along with the spire of the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church , the chimney of Addenbrooke's Hospital and St John's College Chapel tower. Cambridge is at the heart of the high-technology Silicon Fen with industries such as software and bioscience and many start-up companies born out of the university. The city is adjacent to the A14 roads. Cambridge station is less than an hour from London King's Cross railway station.

Settlements have existed around the Cambridge area since prehistoric times; the earliest clear evidence of occupation is the remains of a 3,year-old farmstead discovered at the site of Fitzwilliam College.

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Archaeological evidence of occupation through the Iron Age is a settlement on Castle Hill from the 1st century BC relating to wider cultural changes occurring in southeastern Britain linked to the arrival of the Belgae. The principal Roman site is a small fort Duroliponte on Castle Hill, just northwest of the city centre around the location of the earlier British village; the fort was bounded on two sides by the lines formed by the present Mount Pleasant, continuing across Huntingdon Road into Clare Street.

The eastern side followed Magrath Avenue, with the southern side running near to Chesterton Lane and Kettle's Yard before turning northwest at Honey Hill, it was converted to civilian use around 50 years later. Evidence of more widespread Roman settlement has been discovered including numerous farmsteads and a village in the Cambridge district of Newnham. Following the Roman withdrawal from Britain around , the location may have been abandoned by the Britons , although the site is identified as Cair Grauth listed among the 28 cities of Britain by the History of the Britons.

Evidence exists that the invading Anglo-Saxons had begun occupying the area by the end of the century. Their settlement — on and around Castle Hill — became known as Grantebrycge. Anglo-Saxon grave goods have been found in the area.


During this period, Cambridge benefited from good trade links across the hard-to-travel fenlands. By the 7th century, the town was less significant and described by Bede as a "little ruined city" containing the burial site of Etheldreda. Cambridge was on the border between the East and Middle Anglian kingdoms and the settlement expanded on both sides of the river; the arrival of the Vikings was recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in Viking rule, the Danelaw , had been imposed by Their vigorous trading habits caused the town to grow rapidly.

During this period the centre of the town shifted from Castle Hill on the left bank of the river to the area now known as the Quayside on the right bank. After the Viking period, the Saxons enjoyed a return to power, building churches such as St Bene't's Church , merchant houses and a mint, which produced coins with the town's name abbreviated to "Grant".

In , two years after his conquest of England , William of Normandy built a castle on Castle Hill. Like the rest of the newly conquered kingdom, Cambridge fell under the control of the King and his deputies; the first town charter was granted by Henry I between and It recognised the borough court; the distinctive Round Church dates from this period.

In , Cambridge University was founded by students escaping from hostile townspeople in Oxford; the oldest existing college, was founded in In Cambridge was affected by the Black Death. Few records survive; the town north of the river was affected being wiped out. Following further depopulation after a second national epidemic in , a letter from the Bishop of Ely suggested that two parishes in Cambridge be merged as there were not enough people to fill one church.


With more than a third of English clergy dying in the Black Death, four new colleges were established at the university over the following years to train new clergymen, namely Gonville Hall , Trinity Hall , Corpus Christi and Clare. In a revised town charter effects a "diminution of the liberties that the community had enjoyed", due to Cambridge's pa.

Jesus College was established between and on the site of the twelfth-century Benedictine nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund by John Alcock Bishop of Ely ; the cockerel is the symbol of Jesus College, after the surname of its founder. Three members of Jesus College have received a Nobel Prize.

A Short History of the Original Ghost Club- Armchair Paranormal

The Ghost Club, The Beginning - Kindle edition by Wendy Gayle, Steve Reyna. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Let me start off this review by saying how much I love the premise, and the presentation. The Ghost Club is a collection of short stories - the premise being that.

Two fellows of the college have been appointed to the International Court of Justice. When founded in , the College consisted of buildings taken over from the Nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund, founded at the beginning of the 12th century; the Benedictine Convent, upon dissolution, included the cloister attached to it.

This set of buildings remains the core of the college to this day and this accounts for its distinctly monastic architectural style, which sets it apart from other Cambridge colleges. A library was soon added, the chapel was modified and reduced in scale by Alcock. At its foundation, the college had six fellows and six scholars. Jesus College admits undergraduate and graduates students to all subjects at the university though accepts a larger number of students for engineering, law, natural sciences, economics, history and human, social and political sciences; the college offers a wide range of scholarships.

The college performs well in the informal Tompkins Table , which ranks Cambridge colleges by undergraduate results.