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The Nameless: Chapter 1

To find Elena, Seth embarks on an odyssey of riddles and self-discovery. Only in Interia is it safe to discover the truth about his past, and the forgiveness that will set him free. In rescuing Elena he rescues his own innocence. In fulfilling prophecy by learning his name, Seth discovers the greatness that lies within. In the new millennium, Dominick redefined himself as a live-action filmmaker. His films have been well-received, garnering awards in the festival circuit. Having sold two screenplays, Dominick capitalized on a growing writing resume.

At forty, he penned a collection of creative nonfiction essays titled "Jesus Shoes. He would be very happy to retire from illustration as a full-time author. He currently lives in Silver Lake, California, surrounded by hipsters. Just beyond the familiar is a dusty, windswept place where right and wrong confound themselves like a storm come without warning, 'when Ma says it's time to come in and you can smell the change in the air-the humidity creepin' in and push out the dry,' the way Grant tells it. Just beyond the Salt Flats is where the 'Godless Folk' live, he's always been told.

Why then, he's left to wonder, does Randsberg, the tiny town on the edge of the flats, produce only two things: bible thumpers and tweakers? This collection of melancholy fiction calls everything into question: the codes we live by, the invisible infrastructure we depend on like solid ground, the silent wind that sets Joshua spines to buzzing. Pervasive ignorance and intolerance is the bane of true love in 'Outpost,' while simple pettiness sacrifices the truth that could mean freedom in 'Fulfillment.

But most importantly, they have something to say. In rescuing Elena he rescues his own innocence. In fulfilling prophecy by learning his name, Seth discovers the greatness that lies within.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Ten-year old Seth Bauman lives in the gang-ravaged streets of Silver Lake. Rather than care for the young boy, Troy and Cheryll spend most of their time on the couch in front of the TV, killing zombies and exploding enemy tanks.

Sensitive at heart, Seth wants to understand why Uncle Troy dislikes him so much; at the same time, he feels torn by an intense desire for approval. Mayan Order. Brave at heart, Seth follows the Boatman of the L. River through the underground sewers and metro tunnels underneath Silver Lake, where the LAMO headquarters are located.

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In fact, they grotesquely twist. Suddenly, Seth finds himself in a dark parallel world in turmoil where nothing is what appears to be. Thus Seth embarks on a journey where he must pass tests and solve riddles in order to discover his true name and reunite with his long lost twin, the King. If he fails, he could end up in the depths of the labyrinth, torn limb from limb by the bloodthirsty Minotaur. But what is reality and what is fantasy? The Nameless Prince is a fascinating read. I love how the author presents the different realities and how he borrows concepts from quantum physics to enrich his plot: none of the alternate universes are true unless you step into them.

Ultimately, it is a story about the balance of the universe: goodness may win but there are always new evil forces at work. In short, it is a book that stimulates the mind and intellect.


Dominic's ability to use such descriptive language to pull the reader in is impressive. Many authors can paint a picture, but not only did he succeed in showing me the Interior, I could smell it, feel it, taste it, hear it, and step foot into it. It's as if on a personal level, the author is so in touch with and driven by his senses, he was able to create this story to stimulate the reader on all levels as well.

His use and grasp of vocabulary is remarkable, especially in this new age of half sentences, e-jargon, etc. There was a paragraph in which he described the energy in the area just outside the Troll's cave While it described the scene well, it also sent a shudder of energy through me--one of many examples of how this story comes to life and engages the reader. I kept wishing the book was longer, but I suppose I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for a sequel. It was the type of story that made your imagination kick into over drive.

I was a hot-wheel kid. Anyone that played with hotwheels knows what that means. Entire cities were created out of cards and sand and stuff. The island reminded me of my own worlds. I loved that.

I can't tell you what this one line did to me. Every time I read that line the waterworks start. It is an amazing story. It is harder and harder to find books that keep you interested. I just can't say enough about the way it transported my imagination to those childhood play times. Thank you Dominick Domingo for bringing to life a wonderful fantasy land with such an important meaning behind it. I honestly look forward to reading more from the author!

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His mother vanished shortly after his birth, and his Uncle Troy, who is raising him, is cruel. They live in the dangerous Silver Lake neighborhood of L. Seth has to walk home Elena Gomez, a 10 year old Mexican immigrant. Seth sustains a head injury and the occupant of the structure on the Wash's island rescues him. Creatures from the Wash that help, including polywogs he and Elena named, are now giants. Along with very different creatures, hey encounter a lot of danger. He gathers creatures to fight against the Dark Forces and ends up battling one of his emissaries.

About to lose, Seth finds himself back home.

Interview with Dominick Domingo for The Nameless Prince

The Mayans and his uncle are arrested, but Elena is still missing. Seth rescues Elena and learns the truth about his mother and makes peace with Troy and Cheryll, and resolves his feelings of abandonment. The author has created magnificent characters. The author brings out his fears so that you sweat right along with him as he faces danger. The author also does a great job of showing his abilities and bravery, right along with his doubts and fears.

Nor can I say enough about the charming creatures in Interia. The giant pollywogs are a delight, and I just loved the little dragonfly that guided Constantine. The author has suspended disbelief so that it seems normal for the creatures to talk and cooperate with Seth and Constantine.

They are fearsome and deadly. The interesting characters involved in the riddles Seth has to solve also seem so real with their doubts, their despair, and delight when Seth gets the answer.

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The Nameless Prince [Dominick Domingo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seth Bauman has issues. His Mom split ten years ago, right. The Nameless Prince - Kindle edition by Dominick Domingo. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

The author also shows the despair of Prince Amado, Seth's brother, as well as his delight when Seth solves the problem.