The Pumped-Up Pizza Problem (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)

The Pumped-Up Pizza Problem
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The only clue in the case leads the two young detectives to South America, where the intrigues of evil adversaries almost cost them their lives. The Shore Road Mystery. But the thrills turn to chills when they land in a swamp full of trouble The police in Portugal have asked Fenton Hardy to come help them solve a crime, and Frank and Joe are tagging along. But on this particular descent, something stinks to high heaven. Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. Searching for Sanjay, the son of a New York City jeweler, the boys learn that Sanjay is planning to elope with the niece of his father's archenemy, and that ten thousand dollars in gold is also missing.

The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Franklin W. Dixon book 4 in the series , two friends of the Hardy Boys decide to take a trip down the coast, but they disappear. They almost get rescued by their friends, but things backfire and all get captured.

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  • Frank and Joe Hardy: The Clues Brothers.

Dixon book 5 of the series , the Hardy Boys go to an abandoned mine in search for stolen gold. Shop Worldwide: Amazon.

Franklin W. Dixon

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But the slam-bang action and danger-packed, thrill-a-minute atmosphere of the original stories was also too often replaced by annoyingly cautious, overly polite, non-offensive prose. Hey, these were supposed to be pulp!

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The subsequent, toned-down versions were certainly read — all the boys in my Grade Six class at St. And on it goes. Upon his death, his daughter took over his company.

Hardy Boys "The Take Over"

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The Pumped-Up Pizza Problem

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Dixon pen name, naming the pseudonym after a few of his relatives. It stands alone as the only novel ever written by wife Amy. One story is that Leslie was away on a fishing trip when the outline came in. Could that be true? Dixon, although the actual authors, when known are listed below.